The best way to teach your child to potty!

Early Potty is the best app to help parents understand the habits of your children in the process of cleanliness. With Early Potty, get rid of diapers will be easy and pleasant. See the progress of your child, get tips and even share your experiences with other parents on the built-in blog.

Widget. Easy. Practical.

Fast and precise way to record the habits of your baby each day.

Notifications, the Key.

The principal benefit this app will provide you is indicate accurately the moment to go to the toilet with your baby.

The Journey – Get rid of the diapers.

Get the best tips to improve the success of your baby cleanliness.

Great moments

Perfect time to play, read, have fun with your baby while learning to potty.

Aweosme Features

  • Toilet and diapers tracker

    Log with ease every Poops and Peepees that your baby
    is doing during the day and get help along the steps that we created for the cleanliness process.

  • Drink, meal and sleep tracker

    Keep track of the habits of your baby, such as the quantity of milk that the baby drinks and the hours of sleeping in night or in the nap of the day.

  • Parents discussions

    Chat with other parents and us to help you understand different situations and even praise your little one with a success parkour.

  • Create routine with your baby

    Babies love to have a routine well in place that it will repeat day after day. With Early Potty app, it will never be easier to do so.

App Preview

Get Notification
By The App

Always be ahead and get notifications by the app before your baby do it in the diapers. You will have plenty of time to go to the toilet with him.